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 Eligibility and Guidelines 2012

  • Who is eligible to apply?
    • Adults who are staff or volunteers of civic, non-profit, educational, religious, or youth organizations in Arlington or serving Arlington.
    • Those adults who have gained the approval on a senior/executive member of their organization (Note: This should also include approval by required grant offices within their organization).
  • What makes a good grant application?
    • The proposed project takes place in Arlington or is sponsored by a youth group from Arlington
    • Adults and youth work together to identify a community need, develop a plan to address that need, and develop community partners to help achieve it.
    • The project includes good educational goals related to curriculum or training by the organization. You are encouraged to use service learning techniques.
    • The project is begun, completed, and reported within the alloted time.
    • There are minimal costs for refreshments and/or transportation.
    • The projects are based on one of the five promises from America's Promise.
  • What is expected of the organization receiving the grant?
    • Senior/executive person at that organization reviews and approves the grant application
    • Provides responsible supervision of the youth project
    • Supervisor and/or approving official attend the Youth Collaboration Breakfast.
    • Ensures grant money is only spent on the approved project or is returned to the Alliance.
    • Assigns a supervisor to the project and ensures that Alliance news releases and completion reports are promptly submitted.
    • Members working on project are recognized for their efforts when an Alliance Ambassador visits your organization.
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