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news-48Christin Garrison’s first thought when starting a yoga class at Dunn Elementary last year: go easy. Don’t do too much too fast for fifth and sixth graders whose only connection to yoga might be giggling at the poses on television. It didn’t take long for this certified yoga instructor who teaches adults at LA Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness health clubs to learn that she was dealing with little sponges ready and willing to soak up everything yoga.

Now the class is in its second year averaging 20 to 35 students each Monday in the school’s Music and Motion room. “I totally believe that yoga helps you stay healthy, helps you stay mentally focused, gives you something to be grounded in,” Garrison said. “It gives you a sense of confidence.”
Having received a Small Grant from AA4Y, Yoga will continue at Dunn. In fact, Garrison has used the funds to purchase Yoga blocks, which provides the support or height; you need to do poses safely, effectively and with better alignment.

Garrison and Dunn were just one of more than 20 awardees of AA4Y Small Grants. With their funds, SafeHaven will take a trip to the aquarium, Martin High School Key Club will teach CPR to more than 200 students at Corey and Little elementary schools and Walking for the Moon will provide children with Sickle Cell with homemade handbags filled with gifts.

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