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Our Speakers Bureau on Youth!

speakerThis service provides civic, faith-based, government, non-profit, and other community organizations a way of locating knowledgeable speakers on youth issues, programs, and resources, as well as family support topics like fatherhood and parenting.

Our goal is to create a community that is fully aware of the many youth programs, services, and resources available in Arlington. In this fashion, we hope to more fully provide the resources our youth to fulfill the FIVE PROMISES.

General Rules

Please review the general rules for use of this service prior to using the service (click here).

Terms and Conditions of Use

Before beginning the process of either finding a good speaker or registering as a speaker, please take a few moments to read the terms and conditions for using this service by clicking here.

How to Find a Speaker for Your Organization

Review All Speakers: You may review all speakers in the Speaker’s Bureau on Youth by clicking here. Once you have determined the speaker that will best serve your needs, please complete the request form by clicking on the “Select” button in the profile. Click Here.

For Speakers Only: How Speakers Can Be Listed With This Service

Register as a Speaker: Agency leaders and citizens, who are experts on youth programs, issues, or resources in Arlington, are encouraged to register as a speaker for this free service. Speakers on Fatherhood and other family support topics are also welcomed. To begin the process, Click Here.

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