Service Project of the Year

Best Service Project of the Year (Photo Short Essay) Contest

  1. Organizations that have registered for Arlington’s Global Youth Service Day or have been awarded a Small Grant for the Semester of Service or Community Service, can apply for this contest.
  2. The contest has three different levels. Select that level that best represents your group:
    1. Elementary school
    2. Junior High
    3. High School
  3. Please select the best service project your youth group completed during the past year
  4. Prepare a poster board display that includes:
    1. The title of your organization
    2. Date of project
    3. Location of the project
  5. Place 1-4 photos of the event on one poster board
  6. Prepare a short 300 word essay about the selected project, explaining why you think it is your organization’s best project (14 point font only). Affix your essay to the poster board.
  7. 7. Your poster board nomination with photo and short essay must be turned in by your group’s representative at the Grant & Contest Day, City Steering Committee meeting.
  8. The youth group with the best photo-essay and the runner up in each level will be announced, and awards made available on or before May 6, 2023.
  9. Winner or runner up organizations will receive a grant that must be used by that organization in the coming 11 months to complete a service project.
  10. Grants to organizations (winner and runner up) are as follows:
    1. High School+ level ($100; $75)
    2. Junior High level ($75; $50)
    3. Elementary ($50; $25)

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