Service Project of the Year

Best Service Project of the Year (Photo Short Essay) Contest

Digital Service Project Submission Guidelines:

  1. Organizations that have registered for Arlington’s Global Youth Service Day or have been awarded a Small Grant for the Semester of Service or Community Service, can apply for this contest.
  2. The contest has four different levels. Select that level that best represents your group:
    • Elementary school
    • Junior High
    • High School
    • College
  1. Please select the best service project your youth group completed during the past year.
  2. Create a digital slideshow and/or 2–3-minute video using Google Slides, Power Point, Canva, Adobe Express or other digital presentation software. You will need to be able to save the presentation as a PDF and/or provide a link once it is complete.
  3. The presentation must include:
    • The title of your organization
    • Date of project
    • Location of the project
    • 1-4 photos of the event
    • A minimum 300-word explanation of why you think it is your organizations best project.
  1. The digital presentation must be submitted by your group’s representative to by 1:00PM Saturday, 4/27/2024.
    • Digital Slideshow – submit a PDF or a link.
    • Video – Share a link or upload the video to YouTube for hosting. A link to the video must be sent to
    • Note: Organizations must ensure students have completed a media release form, if necessary.
  2. The youth group with the best photo-essay and the runner up in each level will be announced, and awards made available on or before May 18, 2024.
  3. Winner or runner up organizations will receive a grant that must be used by that organization in the coming 11 months to complete a service project.
  4. Grant minimum to organizations (winner and runner up) are as follows:
    • High School and College levels ($100; $75)
    • Junior High level ($75; $50)
    • Elementary ($50; $25)

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