Arlington Fatherhood Initiative

Arlington Fatherhood Initiative

Our Alliance is developing a program to help build strong fathers in our neighborhood. Watch our Little Red Wagon Newsletter for information about our planning meetings. We are currently planning a Fatherhood Event in June 2012 and welcome the participation of Dads Clubs and other men’s groups at schools, churches, and non-profits.

To help improve our understanding of fatherhood, we are posting research to our website (click here) that you can locate using the search function and key words “father” and “fatherhood.”

On our “Youth and Family Resources” web page (click here), you can find helpful web links to resources that will help fathers in our communities.

We are also seeking experts on fatherhood to speak a various community meetings, helping us raise the community’s awareness of this important topic. If you know an expert in this field, please ask them to register on our speaker’s bureau by (clicking here).

If you have an interest in this area, please contact us (Click here).

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