Youth in Arlington Texas

Small Grants Program

Grants are available for adults who are working with youth on service projects.

Global Youth Service Day

Coalitions and youth groups across te world together in a day of service

Youth Collaboration Breakfast

Hear reports, share concerns, honor volunteers, and develop collaborative youth initiatives

All Programs/Awards

All of your programs, awards, honors, recognitions, and scholarships

Composed of youth advocates in Arlington, we help mobilize citizens and agencies around the five promises embraced by America's Promise.

The Five Promises

These five promises encourage communities to support their youth by providing:

  1. Caring adults
  2. Safe places with structured activities
  3. Healthy start and lifestyles
  4. Effective education
  5. Opportunities for community service

By fulfilling the above promises, we help build the character and competence of our youth.

Our Supporters